Vintage Sounds is dedicated to helping collectors and decorators preserve antique and collectable radios, phonographs, telephones, vintage mechanical music and communications equipment by performing high quality restorations to achieve as much originality as possible. Our merchandise is hand picked from the best available examples. All restored items and all customer restorations are sold with a warranty - one full year all parts and labor for radios, phonographs and music boxes and 90 days for telephones.

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Owner/Manager: Kathy Botto


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Specializing In

Wind-up Phonographs
Tube Radios 1920's - 1960's
Records: Cylinders, 78s, 45s, 33s
Music Boxes 1850's - 1900's
Telephones 1890's - 1970's
Telegraph and Communications
Music Tapes and CDs
Early Light Bulbs and Fixtures
Early Scientific Gear
Tubes and Parts
Diagnostic Repair Equipment
Historical Memorabilia

...and much more!

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